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Compelling need for operator - embrace the capabilities of an adaptive operator - become a Digital Telco

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NES Quantum of Work


5G : 50K + gNB Int

4G : 200K + eNB Int

Site Engg : 100K+

5G RF Opti : 18 K+

4G RF Opti : 115 K+

Small Cells & DAS

Area : 20M Sq.Ft.

Design & Int : 20K+

Stadiums : 40

Wi-Fi HS : 35K+

Optical Tx & IP Core

SAR : 30K+
TX Nodes : 15K+
Routers : 2K+
GPON : 10K+
RKM : 50K

Design & Engineering

Testing, Deployment & Optimization

Performance Analysis & Service Assurance

Out Side Plant (OSP)
Fiber Design & Drafting Services

OSP Services at a glance for Residential and Commercial Units

OSP Fiber – Design Stages


  • Finalizing the Distribution Area (DA)
  • Determining the type of Cable, Terminals and Handholes
  • Assigning the PON counts based on the distribution frame.
  • Maintaining the ribbon integrity.


  • Detailed drafting of the HLD with individual address and PON counts.
  • Determining the Splice counts.
  • Assigning the Work action Codes as per customer standards
  • Generating the detailed price and unpriced BOM.
  • Generating the detailed cost for construction.

Pole Loading Analysis

  • Calculating current load on the pole.
  • Analysis of pre & post pole loading.
  • Proposing new pole, anchor or guy based on the pre-defined threshold value.

Permit Layouts

  • Creating error free scaled CAD drawings based on the LLD to seek permissions from respective judistrictions for escavation.
  • Marking all the existing underground and above the ground utilities on the proposed cable path as per LLD.
  • Special layouts for departmental roads.

Traffic Control Planning

  • Preparing vehicular traffic plan as per LLD to ensure traffic is appropriately diverted from the work zone ensuring no accidents and fatalities.
  • Plans are prepared based on respective local governing bodies guidelines.

OSP Fiber – Achievements

Product & Systems Expertise

We have worked across a variety of industries to deploy solutions that allow our customers and partners to achieve their network goals.

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