In-Building Backhaul

QuadGen’s In-Building Backhaul is a cutting edge technology for eliminating the conventional wiring, operating in 60 Ghz (V-Band) with Gigabit throughputs requiring minimal deployment time and an ideal solution for large Enterprises, Airports, Digital Private Networks and other scenarios.
HQ: World Trade Center, Bangalore, India. Offices: Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada, Hyderabad – INDIA, Muscat – OMAN, Dallas – USA, New Taipei City – TAIWAN.

60GHz WaveTunnel – AIRVINE


Wave Tunnel Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Number of radios per node 2
RF Channel Support 2 GHz ; # 6 Channels
Max. data rate per radio 3.15 Gbps
Max. data rate per node 6.3 Gbps
Antenna Design Beamforming array with 256 AE
Frequency range 57- 71 GHz (US FCC)
Max. Antenna EIRP + 39dBm
Modulation type 16 QAM, QPSK, BPSK
Latency 50 usec per node
Max. power consumption 30 watts
POE Power Output 25 watts
Network interface (4) X 100/1000 Ethernet ports
Operating temperature 0-40 degree C
Dimensions 11.37 cm x 23.73 cm x 27.25 cm
Weight 5.3 lb

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