Dr. PaulrajBoard Member

    Dr. Arogyaswami Paulraj has been a technical innovator his entire career. While he is currently a Professor Emeritus of Engineering, co-inventor of 69 patents, and author of more than 350 research papers, he is most well-known for pioneering Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology. MIMO has revolutionized broadband wireless internet access for billions of people worldwide as it is the essential foundation for all current (Wi-Fi and 4G mobile) and future broadband wireless communications such as 5G.

    Originally from India, Dr. Paulraj spent 30 years in the Indian Navy where he rose to the rank of Commodore and founded three national level laboratories in India. He headed one of India’s most successful military R&D projects—APSOH sonar. Dr. Paulraj graduated with a B.E. from the Naval College of Engineering, Lonavala in 1966. He received his Ph.D. for signal filtering theory from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1973.

    Dr. Paulraj is also the former founder of Iospan Wireless Inc., which developed and established MIMO-OFDMA wireless as the core 4G technology. Iospan was acquired by Intel Corporation. In 2004, Dr. Paulraj, co-founded Beceem Communications, which became the market leader in 4G-WiMAX semiconductor and was acquired by Broadcom Corporation. He has received numerous awards, including the 2014 Marconi Prize and the 2011 IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal. In 2018, Dr. Paulraj was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.