Small Cell & DAS Services

Small Cell and DAS Services

End to End Service Solution Provider

Working US Nationally for US Tier 1 Carrier
Capable to provide end to end or services or support specific service areas

Expertise with DAS and Small Cell platforms used by major US wireless providers

  • Nokia Networks/Alcatel-Lucent
  • Corning/Mobile Access
  • Commscope/TE Connectivity
  • Ericsson
  • Cisco
  • SpiderCloud

QuadGen Experience

Years of experience providing RF design, system integration, and RF optimization.

RF Design Teams experts certified using IB Wave design tool, propagation and optimization modules
RF optimization teams experienced with providing best performance across the venue, the transition zones, and the macro network.

Peer business units providing engineering and troubleshooting support when needed on base station integration, transport, and core network issues.

Survey and Design Services

  • Customer Consultations
  • Floor Plan Conversions
  • RF Walk Test and Benchmarking
  • Physical Site Survey for system install feasibility
  • RF System Designs for Coverage & Capacity
  • Link Budget analysis
  • Network Designs and logical layouts
  • Equipment Bill of Material Preparation

Installation Services

  • Small Cell & DAS Installations
  • Headend, Radio units, and Antenna installs
  • Cat 5e/6 cable, Coax & fiber runs
  • Ethernet testing, fiber splicing & testing, Coax sweeps & PIM testing
  • Interference hunting
  • Router and switch installation
  • Special modifications and fabrications
  • Equipment handling and storage

Integration Services

  • Configuration of LAN & WAN
  • Confirming IPsec tunnel establishment to Security Gateway
  • Troubleshooting connectivity and Access Point Discovery into Carrier’s network
  • Work Order Generation / Scripting
  • AT&T 5-step commissioning
  • Functional Call Testing on VoLTE, 3G & E911

Optimization Services

  • Parameter Audit
  • Access Point Power Setting and Adjustment to minimize interference
  • Handover Testing within Systems and with Macro network
  • Collection and Analysis of Layer 3 Messaging to isolate and correct failures
  • Grid & Gateway Definition
  • Determination of Coverage (RSRP,RSCP), Quality (RSRP, SINR, Ec/Io), and Dominance (PCI, PSC) of sectors
    Layer management and neighbor definition on Macro network

Post Operational Services

  • Daily Access Point Monitoring and Reporting
  • Customer Notifications
  • Soft Reset of Access Points
  • Dispatch for Troubleshooting, fault isolation, and correction

Event Monitoring

  • High traffic event services including performing audits, KPI monitoring during special events, and post event analysis and recommendations.
  • Case Studies: Provided Small Cell engineering, deployment, & monitoring for 2016 RNC & DNC’s