Wireless operators, cable companies, and fiber providers confidently turn first to QuadGen as experts in telecommunications and networking domains. Our ability to rapidly deliver high quality OEM independent engineering services across access and core networks is unmatched in the industry

General Contractors

Civil Construction vendors and Program Management shops rely on their partnership with QuadGen to provide integrated solutions for radio, core , and fiber network projects. These relationships allow our construction partners to focus on site construction and program management activities while we deliver the high quality on-time engineering, integration, and optimization services.

Real Estate & Large Enterprise

Landlords and Telecommunications Managers are increasingly expected to provide high quality wired and wireless communication systems to the people and machines occupying a facility. QuadGen is a leader determining the right telecommunication solution and delivering that solution so that your users and things can communicate seamlessly.

Utility Companies

Utilities are modernizing their infrastructure, deploying smart meters, and beginning their connected IOT journey. QuadGen is a leader in engineering advance network solutions with experience in connected devices, large scale networks, and efficient operations.

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Providing real-time, high-quality, high-throughput communications is an expectation of event attendees, staff, and safety personnel that provide for and attend events. QuadGen is a leader in integrating this challenging RF environment whether it be through wifi, DAS, or macro radio network to deliver a superior customer experience.


Campus and higher learning environments are expected to offer a highly accessible and reliable array of communications solutions to the faculty, staff, and students. QuadGen has proven engineering expertise and experience to deliver a complete communication solutions for a campus environment.