Case Study

Nation-wide Small Cell Solutions

QuadGen has engineered and deployed in building and outside small cell solutions of every type across North America.

Through these experiences we identified a series of common shortfalls that exist between venue owners, suppliers, and mobile operators. To address these shortfalls, we established the Small Cell Resource Center which provides real-time RF and network support so that these systems can be brought into service faster and with a better customer experience. We significantly reduced project cycle time, improved field crew efficiency, increased venue (owner) satisfaction with the small cell or DAS solution.

Quadgen's Role

Validate Small Cell Design

  • Information gathering, interpretation, and analysis : CQ, CIQ, RF Design, WAN Transport Order
  • Validate or complete any open Network Design or Architecture Items (LAN Design, CIQ, etc.)
  • Meet with Venue(Customer) IT Department on any requirements and build the communication bridge between venue owner and mobile operator


  • Key Performance Indicators trending
  • Access point operational status reporting

RF Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicators statistics review and analysis
  • Walk test logs – post-processing and analysis

Network Troubleshooting techniques and activities

  • LAN troubleshooting included working with customer on any customer owned issues (address assignments, VLAN, etc)
  • WAN troubleshooting including establishment of firewall rules and internet accessibility
  • Wireshark trace and analysis in cases where IPSec tunnel does not establish
  • OSS status and configuration updates

Mobile Operator Gateway Small Cell Integration

  • Develop any router or switch scripts based off of LAN Design
  • Configure the switches and/or router and turn up the LAN
  • Validate any Firewall are open and WAN is accessible
  • Confirm Small Cells discover to OSS